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24th Jan          Roshambo
25th Jan          Bar One
1st Feb            The Turnstyles
7th Feb          
Matt Michell
8th Feb           Whisky Sours
14th Feb          Wheezy Joe
15th Feb          The Form
22th Feb         DJ Louise
28th Feb         Coherent State
29th Feb         Tim Hain
6th March       Ransome
14th March      Whisky Sours
20th March     Something Else
28th March     Randy And The Rockets
4th April         Unknown Vandals
10th April        Men Behaving Sadly
11th April         Tim Hain
18th April        DJ Louie
25th April       Mad Dog And Moonshine
2nd May         Bar One
16th May         Whisky Sours
23rd May        Coherent State
30th May        French Beaches
5th June         Roshambo
12th June        Ransome
13th June        DJ Louie
19th June        Something Else
20th June       Randy And The Rockets
3rd July         Wheezy Joe
4th July         Lee Harvey Oswalds
10th July        Matt Michell
11th July         Cry Wolf
25th July        Slider
31st July         Coherent State
1st Aug          Bar One
8th Aug         Matt Mitchell
15 Aug           Tim Hain
22nd Aug       The Form
4th Sept         Something Else
5th Sept         DJ Louie
12 Sept           Lee Harvey Oswalds
18th Sept        Ransome
19th Sept        Matt Michelle
10th Oct         Mad Dog And Moonshine
16th Oct         Wheezy Joe
17th Oct         Roshambo
24th Oct        Slider
31 Oct           Tim Hain
6th Nov         Matt Michell
7th Nov         Bar One
14th Nov        Randy And The Rockets
20th Nov       Coherent State
21st Nov        Men Behaving Sadly
28th Nov       DJ Louie
4th Dec         Something Else
11th Dec         Ransom
12th Dec        Cry Wolf
19th Dec        Lee Harvey Oswalds

The Red Cross Inn will be reopening from 9th July!

Sadly there will be no music events until further notice, due to the restrictions relating to COVID-19